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First ever non Pre- Fab, most cost effective Low Cost Housing solution that can be made in 24 hrs per house that too with conventional building materials which are cast at site. A house complete with window, doors and electrical paneling in less than 24 hrs. If only ground floor is required, there is no need for foundation as well.

We undertake to construct Low Cost Houses all over India and internationally including Tribal areas. Export of houses is also possible.

  • Quick construction in 24 hrs per house
  • Solid RCC construction for 100 years
  • Requires no foundation
  • Earthquake resistant
  • Removable, Reusable materials
  • Maintenance free
  • Part of cost recovery after dismantle


The technology offered is custom based and not a standard design.

We offer comprehensive solutions that are designed to satisfy the requests & design requirements of our clients by a dedicated team of professionals, who will ensure that the design is structured to accommodate the cultural & functional requirements of the community, so that there is general acceptance.

We formulate a specialized cost structure which is economical considering the economic position of the users.

We provide architectural plans & cost estimates as per project requirements.


The simplicity & speed are the backbone of our low cost housing, which make our construction methods both affordable & effective. Our team is trained to work effectively in all conditions.

We undertake projects on turnkey where we can provide results without worrying about coordination problems and unnecessary hassles and work seamlessly.

Our Low Cost Housing Solutions has been developed to provide houses that can be built in few hours rather than days and months. The houses can be built on locations/in factories/work shops itself and sent to the locations by transportation for fixing the houses at site.

Where there will be single floors, foundations would not be required. For more floors foundation would be required.. The application areas for our technology are
  • Middle and Low income group housing
  • Labor hutments
  • Tribal housing
  • Village housing
  • Temporary hutments for construction sites or cement factories
  • School buildings in villages
  • Cyclone or natural calamity hit areas
  • Deserts & hill area